Click here to go to Opinions You Should Have at TITLE: The Right Hand and the Left Hand. And you know what they use the left hand for . . . AUTHOR: Tom DATE: 3/01/2003 11:33:00 PM ----- BODY: Do These Men Work for the Same Government? quotes from Bush and Powell this week on the proffered rationales for using military force in Iraq. Guess what? Powell: Disarm. Bush: Regime change and we want to install democracies all the over the Middle East like little houses in Monopoly. -------- TITLE: Bush Insists Hussein Must Disarm, Cede Power, and "Do the Chicken Dance" AUTHOR: Tom DATE: 3/01/2003 12:24:00 PM ----- BODY:
The United States continued to elaborate on the conditions it requires to deter an invasion of Iraq today, asking Saddam Hussein to step down from his dictatorship and run around the country flapping his arms like a chicken. Ari Fleischer defended the demands, saying, "Look, does the guy want to cooperate with us, or what?" Fleischer denied that the U.S. had also at one point considered making Hussein deliver a "really nice shrubbery" to the White House.
Fleischer pooh-poohed any suggestion that the ever-shifting rationales offered by the White House as purported justifications for the use of military force demonstrated that the decision to go to war with Iraq was ill-conceived or based on some mysterious "voodoo logic."
"There has never been any shift in our rationale," said Fleischer. "The chicken dance has always been the priority."