Click here to go to Opinions You Should Have at TITLE: "Leadership Luncheon" With Karl Rove To Include Braised Flank of
Laidoff Auto Worker And More
AUTHOR: Tom DATE: 5/23/2003 02:12:00 PM ----- BODY: Millionaires Call Dishes "Absolutely Divine"
Karl Rove is kicking President Bush's fundraising activities into high gear, featuring a raft of spectacular events that monied corporate interests and wealthy financiers just can't miss. Coming up soon is a $5000 a plate meal featuring the finest cuisine Republicans have to offer.
First Course
Carpaccio of Disenfranchised Minority
served with a variety of corporate capers, picked fresh from the exploits of Enron, Global Crossing, Halliburton, and drizzled with Harken Energy oil

Second Course
Glazed-over Gaze of Average American
served under a reduction of diversified and unbiased media

Third Course
Filet of Middle Class Taxpayer
lightly seared, gently cajoled, cradled in a bed of insincere promises and propelled by a subtle distillation of fear

Poor Man's Souffle
soaked by the essence of Privileges of the Very Rich